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翻開Goodnight有各種姿態的花,或插在水裡或卡在某物件縫隙之中,而花像是脫離了生的狀態,正在往彼岸長去。封面的照片和作者的日本經驗連結,「『過去』的那個人桌上,會獻上一束花,通常都會放個一段時間」,彷彿書一被看見就先預示了接下來的死亡。一般被拍下來的花朵通常鮮嫩、盛放、春天,楊雅淳的花靜物從一而終,常是一種纖細的腐爛的狀態,像是從生命的最盛放開始倒數。翻著書不知道為什麼一直想到陳綺貞的腐朽,女歌手有點甜膩地哼「美麗會凋零 泥土 埋葬森林」,書和歌一樣看著該是美麗的題目,但其實是目睹某種絕地再生,如攝影者寫下的「生命本來就是秒殺式的瞬間阿」。於是呼應了書的命名,每個小小的死亡都可以是重生。道晚安是一天的結束,也是下一天的開始。

開本 : 15x 21cm
頁數 : 64
設計 : 何佳興 Timonium Lake
年份 : 2013


Yo Yang

“Good Night” features many flowers in various poses - here and there, stuck between objects or inserted in water. The flower is a manifestation of a moment on its way to “paramita”. In other words, completeness.

The photo on the cover is a reflection of the author’s experience in Japan- a vase of flowers resting on the table of the “Past” like an omen of death. Flowers are usually photographed while fresh and full, but the still life of Yang’s flowers are a constant state of beautiful decay, counting down the days until even the most prosperous of states turns to degradation. I don’t know why I am reminded of Cheer Chen’s downfall, as she over-sentimentally screeches out: “Beauty will ruin the soil and bury the earth.”

The books and the songs will make it look pretty, but what is really being witnessed is more of an awakening or regeneration. As the author says “Life is really just a series of instants,” and so this is echoed in the title of this book. Every insignificant death can become a rebirth. Saying good night at the end of the day merely marks the beginning of tomorrow.

64 pages
15cm x 21cm
Designed by Timonium Lake
Self published
Printed in 2013

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