Driving People (in Japan)

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Image of Driving People (in Japan)


有過年坐車返鄉經驗的人一定都知道,身陷漫長塞車的長龍,常常不知道可以做什麼。低頭滑手機、翻書、看電影久了就暈車,所以只好看著窗外發呆或者不斷入睡。丁柏晏某次去日本旅遊,坐在高速公路上長途行駛的巴士裡,感到非常無聊,於是他開始幫隔壁車道正在開車的人照相。從高處往下拍,Driving People 的視角有點像是測速照相機,重複的平板的影像反而凸顯出車窗裡的私密與窺視的眼睛。透過自己的車窗觀看,在別人的車窗裡,發現人們肢體動作裡的不耐煩與百無聊賴根本是自己的映照。平凡的他人車內風景也因著異國質地的相似且相異感而變得有趣。書手掌大,讓人聯想到舊式沖印的 4x6 照片,讀的時候像是一頁一頁的翻著相本,份量十足的 80 幾頁、滿到溢出來的無聊,讓讀者看到飽。

開本 : 14.4 cm x 10.8 cm
頁數 : 82頁
年代 : 2018


Ding Pao Yen

For those who have experiences of crazy traffic jam during New Years return all knows that it is extremely boring, and you really have nothing to do except to zone out staring outside or just simply fall asleep. “Driving People” is the result of Ding’s road trip in Japan. He was in the coach on the highway, and he was so bored that he started taking photos for the drivers passing by. The angle shooting from the up to down is interestingly similar to the speed camera. The repetitive plain images exaggerate the privacy inside the windows, as well as the peeping eyes. Through the looking glass, it is very clear to see the impatient and the boredom from other people’s movements, but it’s also like a mirror reflection on yourself. Perhaps, the ordinary scene becomes intriguing because of the exoticized views.

The size of this zine is as same as the palm of your hand, it also reminds of the 4x6 photo albums when you flip it. The great volumes of 80 pages is filled with the boringness for the viewers to read as much as you like.

14.4 cm x 10.8 cm
82 pages
Printed in 2018