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傻瓜書日 Fotobook DUMMIES Day
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傻瓜書日是一個以影像自出版刊物為主體的傻瓜書(dummies)市集及線上書店。網路上對dummy book的定義大約是一本粗略的攝影樣書,是視覺實體化的階段。對我們而言大概是自己把影像做成書,試著印個十本二十本的感覺。樣書也可以就一直維持是一本傻瓜書也OK的狀態,不見得要變成一本很完整的攝影書。



‘‘ The dummy book is a rough mock-up for a picture book, as visualised at this stage by the creator. They can be made for the creator's own purposes as part of the development process, but also as the final submission to a publisher. ’’

Fotobook DUMMIES Day is a dummy book fair and an online bookshop which mainly focuses on images and photos. We hope to meet more people like us : self-publishers in Taiwan. We’d like to know what all these people doing and all the possibilities while images turn into a book. For us, It’s OK for dummy stay dummy.

Fotobook DUMMIES Day online bookstore is for self-published dummies and zines from Taiwan. It’s also a platform to connect self-publishers in Taipei and other cities all over the world. In the future, expect a variety of different events, seminars and unconventional book clubs to discuss about self-publishing dummies wherever we are.

英文翻譯 English Translator

吳宣之 Sarya Wu

劉兆慈 Liu Chao-tze

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We love any challenges and cooperations, please email us via : fotobookdummiesday@gmail.com